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  • Welcome To Stop Slip
    The Anti-Slip Specialists

    As specialists in the Anti Slip industry and THE UK’s premier supplier of Anti Slip solutions, we offer our customers the following to help you reduce your slip accidents:

    1. Free Advice
    2. The Best Range Of Anti Slip Products
    3. Comprehensive Consultancy Service
    4. Slip Resistance Testing
  • Slip Resistance Testing

    Every three minutes in the UK a person is seriously injured due to slipping!

    Don't spend thousands of pounds on an anti slip treatment or on replacing your existing flooring until having your floors slip tested first!.

    Try our onsite slip resistance testing and consultancy service. Following our test we will issue a full report detailing our findings and recommendations. This report will help you more fully prove your continuing commitment to "due diligence".

  • Anti Slip Products

    Our range of innovative Anti-Slip products and services for both commercial and domestic markets include:

    1. Shoes For Crews
    2. Anti-Slip Tape
    3. Treads & Landings
    4. GRP Decking Strips
    5. GRP Anti-Slip Grating
    6. GRP Anti-Slip Nosing
    7. GRP Anti-Slip Sheets
    8. Ladder Grips
    9. Anti-Slip Mats
    10. Permastripe Aisle Marking
    11. GRP Anti-Slip Tactile Paving
    12. SlipAlert
  • Companies using our products

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  • Anti-Slip TapeAnti-Slip Tape

    Reduce the risk of slip accidents by applying our Low Cost UK MADE self adhesive Anti Slip Tape

  • Shoes For Crews ®Shoes For Crews ®

    Rated HIGHEST for slip resistance by the UK HSE. We supply a style for every work environment!

  • Treads, Steps & LandingsTreads, Steps & Landings

    3 Types Of Anti Slip Stair Tread: GRP / Self Adhesive / Aluminium

  • Non Slip Decking StripsNon Slip Decking Strips

    Make Your Slippery Timber Decking Safer While Still Keeping It Looking Great!

  • Anti-Slip Grating GRPAnti-Slip Grating GRP

    Stop Slip's GRP Grating offers an excellent level of slip resistance in WET, OILY or ICY condit

  • Anti-Slip GRP NosingAnti-Slip GRP Nosing

    Our GRP Anti-Slip Stair Nosing is made from Fibreglass (GRP = Glass Reinforced Plastic) with a

  • Anti-Slip Flat Sheets GRP Anti-Slip Flat Sheets GRP

    Our Flat Sheets are ideal for: Walkways - Ramps - Gangways - Factory floors & many more applica

  • Ladder Rung GripsLadder Rung Grips

    Our fibreglass Anti-Slip ladder rung covers are designed to fit over Round or Square rungs!

  • Anti-Slip MatsAnti-Slip Mats

    SFC Mats are designed for staff working in extremely high traffic, greasy, wet and oily areas.

  • Permastripe Aisle Marking TapePermastripe Aisle Marking Tape

    Forget painted lines - PermaStripe is the modern method for lining warehouse aisles, factory fl

  • GRP Anti-Slip Tactile PavingGRP Anti-Slip Tactile Paving

    Choose From 3 Types Of Our Anti Slip GRP Tactile. Cost Effective, Quick & Easy To Install!

  • SlipAlertSlipAlert

    SlipAlert is fully tested, proven to work and guaranteed to reduce slip accidents. Use SlipA