Custom Made Anti Slip Tape & GRP Products

Our Products - Your Way!

Over the years we have been asked to provide many thousands of custom manufactured, cut and coloured products for our large and varied client base. Requests ranging from intricate cut pieces of our Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape for "Out Of This World" Hollywood block buster movies, to huge challenging GRP projects for the rail and aviation industries.

Whatever your project, wherever in the World, please let us know your requirements and we will offer you our many years’ experience of providing be-spoke anti slip solutions.

Please see below details of the be-spoke products we look forward to supplying you:

Custom Printed Anti Slip Tape

In the past, when our customers have requested custom printing on our anti slip tapes, the minimum order quantities of many hundreds of rolls have always been cost prohibitive. However, since new innovative methods of printing onto our tapes were developed, we are now in the exciting position of being able to offer our clients a custom printing service with MOQ's of just 10 rolls! This has drastically reduced the costs involved for our customers and made the option of buying custom printed anti slip tape accessible to many more companies.

To find out how to put your companies brand or be-spoke message in front of many more potential customers, please contact us.

Custom Cut Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape Material. Manufactured In The UK:

Most of our anti slip tape material is available in widths of over 1m and lengths of 18.3m. We can cut most shapes and sizes out of this size roll. We have 2 cutting processes at your disposal.

Option 1

Working from customer drawings, we offer a cutting service for low volume quantities from 1 piece up to a few hundred depending on size. Our clients really appreciate this service as they can have a few sample pieces cut before proceeding with the main order, or their project only requires a few pieces and they don't need the added cost of having tooling manufactured as in our option 2 below. Another major benefit of this service is as tooling is not required, we can normally turn around very urgent orders within a few days.

Option 2

If our clients need many hundreds or thousands of pieces cut, we offer an option where their pieces are stamped out of the anti-slip tape material. This requires tooling to be manufactured for their specific sized pieces, but for projects requiring large quantities this option works out much more cost effective. There is a charge for the tooling manufacture.

Custom Size, Colour & Grade Anti Slip GRP Products. Manufactured In The UK

We offer a complete be-spoke manufacturing process for our GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) anti slip products. We can work from your drawings to provide you with excellent quality hand manufactured quality products. As your pieces are manufactured by hand from start to finish, you can choose your width, length, thickness, anti slip grade and colour. There is a turnaround of around 2-3 weeks for all be-spoke products due to the time it takes to construct the moulds and manufacture the products. The cost for theses custom made products are very competitively priced and compare favourably with our off the shelf GRP product range.

Our "off the shelf" Standard Size GRP anti slip products can normally be cut down for you if you require straight or simple cuts, but this will depend on the sizes and quantity you require.

We really enjoy working closely with our clients to find their perfect anti slip solution, so please contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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