Anti Slip 25mm (Round U Shaped) Ladder Rung Covers GRP in Yellow

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Our unique GRP (fibreglass) slip resistant ladder rung covers are designed to fit over the Round or Square rungs of fire escapes, service ladders and the majority of other ladders available.

Our Ladder Grips can easily be cut to the required size on site if required and we supply them in 4 standard lengths. A full installation guide is available.

Our Ladder Grips Offer The Following Benefits:

  • PTV 79 (Pendulum Test Value) In The Wet
  • Permanently slip resistant in most environments.
  • Exceptionally hard wearing integral grit surface.
  • High visibility safety yellow as standard.
  • Maximum safety even when wet or oily.
  • Quick and easy to fit.
  • Cost efficient solution to ladder safety

We supply PU230 Adhesive for fixing our ladder grips. As a rough guide you will need approximately 1 Tube for 4 X 400mm lengths.

Custom sizes cut for FREE!

You can purchase our stock sizes on-line. However if you would prefer us to cut them to size for you for free please:

E-mail your size requirements to:

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  • Installation

    Guide for Installing "Stop Slip Ladder Grips"

    Recommended Procedures:

    • Ensure that the ladder rungs are clean and free of loose paint etc. Wipe the rungs with a suitable solvent cleaner to remove any grease and similar dirt likely to prevent a suitable adhesion.
    • Remove the "Ladder Grips" from the pack and abrade the internal surface so as to provide a good key for the adhesive. Using a clean rag, remove all dust residue etc.
    • Insert a cartridge of PU230 adhesive sealant into a cartridge gun and screw the nozzle on to the cartridge.
    • Cut approximately 20mm from the end of the nozzle leaving a hole of about 6mm in diameter.
    • Apply a 6mm diameter bead of the PU230 adhesive down the middle of each internal surface of the "Ladder Grip" profiles. do not apply Adhesive to more than 5 "Ladder Grips" at a time.
    • Starting with the top ladder rung, place a "Ladder Grip" over it and while swiveling it back and forth, apply a downward pressure until the adhesive oozes out at each end.
    • Ensure that the top surface of the "Ladder Grip" is horizontal and remove any excess adhesive from the rung.
    • Ensure that the rest of the ladder rungs are still clean and repeat procedures 6 & 7
    • When completed do not allow the ladder to be used for a minimum of 24 hours.
    • Regardless of the cure time allowed, do not put the ladder back into service until all "Ladder Grip" profiles have been checked and confirmed as secure.

    Please ensure that the PU230 data sheet is studied before commencing the installation. Local conditions and circumstances may require some amendments.


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