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john (john holverson)

Red and White Anti-Slip Hazard Tape SS#100 Standard Grade 21/02/2020

Rating: 5 out of 5

Review: Great product, fantastic price, This tape is as good as any product on the market but much better value for money.

Product Name: Red Anti-Slip Tape SS#100 Standard Grade

Reviewer: Rita Cunningham

Date of Review: 26/09/2019

Rating: 5 out of 5

Review: I am really impressed with the service received from your company. The advice you gave me regarding the product you recommended was 'on the ball' The speed with which you sent the tape was exceptional. The finished job looks fantastic and lots of family have commented favourably on it I would recommend your company to everyone. THANK YOU.

Phil (21-07-16)

Brilliant service......ordered Monday, arrived Tuesday and job completed Wednesday. My client very pleased.......thank you.

Kind regards, Phil

Island Offshore Norwegian Supply Vessels

The Island Express is one of Island Offshores Norwegian supply vessels working in the North Sea.

Working 365 days a year in the North Sea creates huge demands for the equipment on-board. It is a very tough environment during the summer and even more so during the winter. It is often very windy and rainy which creates large waves making all surfaces very wet. This creates slippery surfaces on our steps and if a person isn’t careful they might slip and hurt themselves. To improve the safety for our crew on-board it was decided at the beginning of 2013 that we would purchase Anti-Slip stair treads for the steps for some of our stairs outside the superstructure. Stop Slip Ltd was our supplier of choice as they could provide Anti-Slip treads with custom width to fit our steps with quick delivery and at a good price.

As soon as we took delivery of the anti slip stair treads they were mounted on the stairs most commonly used. Safety improved straight away and the crew now feel a lot safer using the stairs whatever the weather conditions. Despite wet conditions and a rolling ship the feet grip securely on the Anti-Slip treads. Even after 6 months of daily use mounted outside there is no sign of any wear at all. They still look as good and provide the same level of grip as they did on the day we took delivery of them. Needless to say, we are very pleased with this product and the service Stop Slip ltd has supplied us. So much in fact that we have decided to purchase more Anti-Slip treads from Stop Slip Ltd for the remaining stairs on-board.

Alex Samuelsson - Chief Officer Island Express

Sága Foods Zrt - Hungary (15/03/11)

"Sága Foods Hungary as a key player on the food processing market is on it's journey towards reaching "Goal Zero", that is a working environment without safety incidents. In the past years the most frequent cause of incidents was the slippage on the plant floor so a special focus was put on finding good antislip safety boots. After testing several local suppliers the results were disappointing so the EHS department started to search on a wider, international scale. This search process led us to get in contact with Stop Slip Ltd in the United Kingdom, the provider of the Shoes For Crews Guardian Wellington safety boots. The results of the tests carried-out in our plant in Sárvár, Hungary proved that the Guardian boots are excellent and by far outperform all local suppliers. The boots practically do not slip at all on any surface, even if the surface is wet. In addition, the boots are very comfortable to wear and, have a solid structure.

As a result, we ordered the quantity needed to change all the boots, so since mid-November 2010 all staff working in the production area have been wearing the Guardian boots. Previously, in the course of 2010 a total of 70 incidents happened due to slippage on the floor, but since the change we have not had any incident due to slippage. This is an excellent result that goes beyond our expectations so we can declare that these boots are indeed the best safety boots that we have ever used. The cooperation with Stop Slip Ltd is also very good and following the visit of their Managing Director Mr Paul Webb to Sarvar in February we have laid the ground for further common work.

In conclusion, if you would like to eliminate your safety incidents related to slippage we highly recommend the Guardian Wellington boots, and their supplier, Stop Slip Ltd."

Diera Károly Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sága Foods Zrt.