Anti Slip Decking Strips Heavy Duty GRP Fibreglass The Best Slippery Decking Solution At Trade Prices

The Quick, Easy, Cost Effective & Long Term Slip Solution That Will Keep Your Customers, Staff & Family Safe From Slippery Decking Accidents, While Still Looking Great!

The Problem:

Timber garden decking, while attractive, can become very slippery due to many factors including water, algae, mould & moss. Even with regular jet washing the timber decking quickly returns to being a slippery and dangerous surface.

The Solution:

Stop Slip GRP Heavy Duty Anti Slip Decking Strips immediately change the slippery decking into a safe surface to walk on while keeping it looking great. Simple and quick to install, they are available in 3 colours and are an extremely cost effective solution to make your decking safer to walk on.

Stop Slip Anti Slip Decking Strips Provide A Long Term Slip Solution. They Are Proven To Last For Many Years.

Simply Screw Them To The Top Of Your Existing Slippery Decking!

Our non-slip decking strips can be used in both commercial and domestic environments.


Free Samples are available on request.