Regupol Load Secure Friction Anti-Slip Mats

Regupol 7210 Load Secure Friction Cargo Mats - Anti Slip Mats For Transport

Regupol load secure anti slip mats are specifically designed for low-cost protection and improved friction co-efficiency of products during transportation by road, rail, ship or air freight.

Goods are held in place on the transport vehicle by the friction provided by Regupol anti-slip mats and are then further secured by lashing straps.

The high friction co-efficient of Regupol anti-slip mats provide outstanding grip on even the smoothest surfaces, reducing the risk of shifting or sliding during transit.

Increase the safety of your pallet loads by using Regupol load secure, anti slip mats for transport.

Regupol load secure anti slip rubber friction mats are used for the safe transportation of Paper Rolls, Steel Coils, Sheets & Bar, Palletised Freight, Steel Drums, Metal Castings, Flooring & Building Materials and many more loads! In fact, if your load could move during transport, better Regupol it!