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Stop Slip Ltd have been a distributor for the Shoes For Crews range of specialist anti slip footwear since 2007! As the UK's anti slip specialists, we have been asked to distribute many different brands of footwear over the years, however we only supply the best anti slip products, and in our opinion, the SFC brand is still the best all round slip resistant footwear available.

Don't just take our word for it, the entire SFC footwear range are rated 5 Star on the HSE Grip Rating Scheme!

With slip accident compensation claims ranging from a few thousand pounds, to several hundred thousand pounds, can you afford not to take slip resistant footwear seriously?

5 star rated footwear across the full range
Kitchen Waitress Workshop

"All staff working in the production area have been wearing the Guardian boots. Previously, in the course of 2010 a total of 70 incidents happened due to slippage on the floor, but since the change we have not had any incident due to slippage."

"In conclusion, if you would like to eliminate your safety incidents related to slippage, we highly recommend the Guardian Wellington boots, and their supplier, Stop Slip Ltd."

Diera Károly Chief Operations Officer (COO) Sága Foods Zrt.


NHS Advised To Recommend 5* GRIP Rated Shoes To Reduce Slip Related Injuries

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has illustrated that YORK researchers have shown the NHS could cut the number of staff going off sick by making Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 5* GRIP shoes part of the uniform.

The results of the study showed a 37% reduction in slips and a 49% reduction in falls. The Health and Safety Executive run the GRIP rating scheme, which was utilised to identify Shoes for Crews Ltd as the footwear manufacturer to be used in the trial.

Whatever your industry, we have a style of 5 Star Rated slip resistant shoes and boots for your requirements.

Feel confident we have the knowledge, expertise and experience, to ensure you will get the best advice, products and service.

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