Anti Slip Self Adhesive Sheet 1 Metre Wide Black SS#100

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Our 1M Wide Stop Slip Anti Slip Sheets Are Available In 3 Different Lengths, 1M, 4.5M & 9.1M and Are Ideal For Covering Larger Areas Or If You Want To Cut Out Your Own Larger Shapes Or Designs By Hand!

  • Immediately reduces the risk of slip accidents
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Use in most standard areas needing extra grip
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Easily Cut To Size With Either Scissors Or A Knife
  • Self-Adhesive Making It Easy & Quick To Apply
  • Excellent Quality Being Manufactured In The UK
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Helps You Meet DDA Regulations & Duty Of Care
  • Very Durable

Manufactured Form Our Most Popular SS#100 Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape Here In The UK!

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  • Installation

    Anti-Slip Self Adhesive Tape Application Instructions

    For best results follow the instructions below to ensure maximum performance in all environments.

    1. Material Storage

      Ensure the material is kept in dry, warm conditions in the original protective packaging.
    2. Surface Preparation

      A clean, dry and smooth surface is essential. If you are applying to a Chequer Plate or other profiled or uneven surface, please use our SS#400 Conformable anti slip tape. Use an IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) cleaner to remove all surface contaminants (paint flakes, etc) – DO NOT use methylated spirits / petrol / lighter fluid etc as these leave behind a thin, greasy residue. Ensure prepared surface is above 10°C. Apply a small amount of the IPA Cleaner to the surface using single sweeps. Do not re-wipe over the area that has been cleaned with the dirty cloth.
    3. Porous Surface Sealing

      Porous surfaces must be sealed prior to application to prevent water attacking the adhesive. We supply a specific Primer for this job which can be added to your shopping cart during checkout. Apply a thin coat to the thoroughly cleaned surface using a paint brush, then leave to dry. In normal conditions, drying should take less than 30 minutes.
    4. Tape Application

      Cut tape to the required dimensions. Peel back part of the release liner then press the adhesive firmly onto the prepared surface, and slowly keep peeling back the liner while applying the tape. Try to ensure that the tape is not taut. Our Conformable Anti Slip Tape is designed for Chequer Plate and other profiled or uneven surfaces and can be gently firmed into position using a rubber mallet to help the tape fit into the contours of the surface.
    5. Finish!

      Once applied, press tape down firmly using even pressure (decorating rollers are excellent for this). We recommend sealing the edges using ‘edge fix’ as this will extend the life of the product. Only apply a very small bead down the edges after the tape has been applied. If correctly applied, the new anti-slip surface can be walked on straight away, though you will get maximum benefit from the adhesive system after 48 hours.
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    by Josephine Hopkinson, 28 Aug 20195 stars

    We purchased a new power chair and had a special ramp made to go into the garden but the wheels would not grip. The anti-slip sheet was easy to fix and works beautifully. Thank you.

    Really happy by Wayne Young, 16 Aug 20185 stars

    Really good quality product and really happy with it will definitely be using company again!!!!

    General Manager by Roonie Bell, 18 Jan 20185 stars

    We have on site powder tankers and the self adhesive matting i got from you worked brilliant to over come the slip risk while we were loading the tanks from above

    Non slip matting by Mrs R McDougall, 08 Nov 20165 stars

    Our wheelchair would not grip the ramp into our van when the wheels were wet despite the existing non=slip surface. Your matting has solved this problem wonderfully

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