Anti Slip Tape Conformable SS#400

SS#400 Conformable Anti Slip Tape. Designed to offer anti slip protection on uneven surfaces. A very strong adhesive ensures a near permanent bond on surfaces such as Chequer Plate, Durbar Plate or any clean, uneven surface. The conformable material for this anti slip safety tape, is constructed from a soft aluminium foil base and then top coated with a thick spread of aluminium oxide grit.

For many years chequer plate and similar metal profiled materials have been used as an anti-slip surface. Experience tells us however that in wet, oily and greasy conditions these surfaces can represent a serious slip risk. Even in the dry these surfaces can become a slip risk depending on the footwear being worn.

The UK HSE has carried out numerous slip tests on chequer plate and other metal profiled surfaces and stated the following: "The findings suggest that it should not be assumed that the introduction of a profiled surface would automatically improve the slip resistance experienced by a pedestrian."

Stop Slip Conformable anti slip tape provides an immediate slip solution for Stair Nosings & Stair Treads manufactured from Chequer Plate and Durbar surfaces including Metal Emergency Exit Stairways!