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Stop Slip Help Reduce Workplace Slip Accidents

Article Date: 30 March 2012

Stop Slip Help Reduce Workplace Slip Accidents

All employers have a legal requirement to provide a safe working environment for their employees, this includes ensuring that floor surfaces are suitable and sufficient for the workplace. (The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992). It would seem that with statistics provided by the UK HSE that there is a serious slip accident in the work place every 3 minutes, many companies are still not meeting recommended guidelines.

Slip resistance of workplace floors is a key requirement to maintaining employee safety. Most floors in the workplace when dry and clean offer suitable slip resistance but the same floor when wet or dirty can become extremely dangerous for both members of staff and customers. However it is commonly found that employers are unaware of the potential dangers that their floors present.

“We have found that following our onsite testing and consulting service, our clients are very surprised at just how dangerous their floors become in wet conditions. The main problems for employers are that it is very difficult to accurately predict how dangerous their floors are when wet and then how they take the appropriate action to manage the risk.” Says Paul Webb of Stop Slip Ltd

The rising cost in litigation towards employers is forcing them to increase their awareness and attention they pay to health and safety requirements, yet many companies are still failing to protect their employees and customers from potential slips. Research by the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) on behalf of the HSE has shown that a combination of factors can contribute to slip accidents. Knowledge on how to address each individual factor is vital if the amount of slip accidents recorded in the UK is to be reduced.

“As our company specialises in reducing slip accidents, we can identify our client’s specific danger hot spot areas and offer practical and cost effective solutions. This in turn enables them to pro-actively manage the risk of any dangerous floor surfaces they are responsible for.” Webb concludes.

Stop Slip Ltd are based in the United Kingdom and specialise in undertaking slip tests, supplying world class anti-slip products and consulting with companies advising them on how to manage the risk of slip and fall accidents.